Arasan Textiles Industries

welcome to our textile industry

            TEXTILE INDUSTRY an DIVERSIFIED INDUSTRY in the style of "VIJAYARAJAN TEXTILES LIMITED" promoted by Arasan Group in the year 1986. The until was commenced with the capacity of 6048 Spindles and enhanced to 11456 Spindles in this short span.

            Our Industry is equipped with Blow Room, Carding Machiner, Draw Frames, Speed Frames, Spinning Frames, Double Winder, Ring Doubling, Cone Winder, Reeling Machinery Overhead cleaners, Generators and Humidification Plant. We manufacture grey Cotton carded Yarns in the counts 20's to 60's, WITH HIGH quality as acceptable to all market trends. Our Marketing Areas are spread over at Tamilnadu, Biwandi, Hichal Karanchi and New Delhi. We preferred Merchandise Exports to European Countries. Our Management has proposed for further expansion of spindles with the solid support of existing share holders.