Printing Industry is playing an appreciable role in fostering the knowledge enriching the culture, extension of education and advancement of commerce and Industry. Printing stimulates knowledge efficiency, envisages mass communications and modulate education proficiency. Sivakasi an industrial town fabulously identified as 'Kutty Japan' is exemplary in offering the production factors such as manpower and capital. The entrepreneurs at sivakasi are more enthusiastic in commencing, expanding and diversifying their industrial activities in organizational pattern.

                        The printing Indusrial scenario envisages that most of the manufacturing industries are entirely depending on the printing industries are entirely depending on the printing industries for their packing products labels, wrappers, carboard boxes etc., and advertisement materials like pamphlets, literatures, bit notices and wall posters. Printing Industries at Sivakasi are basically supporting fireworks industries and matches industries by supplying the necessitated printed labels, wrappers, carboard boxes and advertisement materials.

                        ARASAN A.M.S. GANESAN, Founder of Arasan Group of Industries, instituted our Group concerns in 1954 at Sivakasi, with its prime product as safety match boxes. With the tireless efforts of management and workers, our group excelled in diversified activities of manufacturing and marketing of matches, fireworks, amorces, aluminium powders, aluminium pastes, sulphur powder, harbal plants, granites, grey cotton yarns and offset printing.

                        Our printing industry in the style of 'THE JEYAGRAHAM OFFSET PRINTERS'established in the year 1981 and exhibited a study performance with high printing quality. Our unit is equipped with imported multi colour offset printing machinery, programmatic cutting machinery, transfer printing press, cylinder scoring machinery and foils embossing machine, along with indigenous lamination machine, varnish coating machine, plate making machinery and plate grinding machinery. Our promoters never compromise for quality printing and quality is assured under stiff competition.

Our industry is printing and supplying patent labels as per customers' design, packing wrappers, packing boxes, advertisement pamphlets, calendars, diaries, wall posters and note book wrappers. Pre-printing process, printing process and post printing process will be completed under one roof at all levels. Our Industry is equipped with Agmark replica statutory printing in the printed materials at southern region. Preciously you spell your requirement, we make it with quality.

We are proud to add that our Export division excel the challenges in the challenging scenario under globalization of new millennium by exporting match boxes, firecrackers and aluminium powders of difference grades to various nations.