Arasan Aluminium Industries


         The name of ARASAN has been closely associated with the manufacture and export of Matches, Fire works and printing for more than five decades in INDIA.

        Aluminium powder, the basic raw material for Fireworks, Rocket propellants, Slurry explosives was being imported previously from foreign countries by all Indian industries. Considering the increasing demand of Aluminium powder, the foundation of the Industrial Metal Powder Programme was laid in 1980 by Sri.A.M.S.GANESAN, founder and establisher of the Arasan group of Industries, at Melamathur village in Sivakasi Taluk (12 KM from SIVAKASI - "MINI JAPAN"), Tamil Nadu, India with the installation of machineries for producing 150 MT of Pyrotechnic Aluminium powder per annum and further expansions were made in 1984, 1985, 1995 and 2003 for producing 1800 MT per annum.

        In the following years, the Arasan Metal Powder division took great strides forward as new fields of application were opened up and as user technology improved by close collaboration between our development of laboratories and International Research Centers, by constant exchange of ideas with customers and other interested parties and by continuous development of production methods, ARASAN now offers new products, Atomized Aluminium Powder, Aluminium Paste, Pigment powders, which are in line with the present state of powder technology. Now the present capacity is 3,000 MT Atomisied Aluminium Powder, 1800 MT of Pyrotechnic Aluminium Powder and 600MT of Aluminium pastes (Leafing, Non-Leafing and Arasanlux series), 300 MT of Aluminium flake and Pigment Powder annually.

        The company has achieved this leading position as a result of continuous efforts to satisfy market requirements with product of the highest quality. The company has got its ISO 9002 certification from DNV, on Jan 2001 and upgrade to ISO 9001: 2000 on Dec 2003.

        As diversification ARASAN now manufactures other non-ferrous metal and Alloy powders like Copper, Zinc, Tin and Brass.

        This website provides a review of the Arasan range, gives particulars of numerous possible uses and simplifies the selection of the most suitable Arasan type product for the application concerned.

The Specification given in this brochure are our standard specification. Any specifications according to buyer's requirement can also be produced.